FUTUFU the company produces furniture made of unusual material. That cardboard can be not only environmentally friendly, but also durable and beautiful, says George Ardoteli — founder and leader of the brand.

I started my own business because I believe that nothing is impossible. 

The first piece of cardboard I made home personally. It was a high chair for my daughter out of the box. He sat and he stood. But when he passed me, it became clear that this is something there.

The first workshop became my office. I learned to make furniture out of cardboard myself since learning was not one. I took everything out of the Cabinet, leaving only the tables. Armed with a box cutter, a ruler and a pencil, I created the first product.

FUTUFU the name came from the merger of the words "future" and "furniture" ("furniture of the future"). The name "Future Furniture" reveals the essence of what we do.

The best part of the job is to see admiration in the eyes of the people who first see our product. And the biggest achievement is our team. On the brand employs 10 people. Talented people who are able to realize the most daring ideas. Together we cope with all the challenges.

In October 2017 we will celebrate 4 years. Today:

40 000 sq. m. cardboard used;
7 000+ products sold;
85 sq. m. — the large stand from cardboard
500 sq. m. production area;
2 cutting machine with computer control system, which was designed and built by staff FUTUFU
The basic principle of our company is to live and work without restrictions. It is only erasing the boundaries and limits, we can create the future.

Many find it hard to believe that out of cardboard to make furniture on which to sit, lie down, for which you can work. Therefore, we participate in fairs and forums, where people can not only see but also to test our products. We also have all office furniture made of cardboard. There is still a misconception that the Board is afraid of water. My children have a house for toys stands outside under cover for 3 years.

The paperboard has many amazing properties:

strength — our tables withstand the load of 300-400kg, chairs — 200 to 250 kg, shelf — 50-150 kg;
easy to assemble — children's table and chair can collect my 4 year old son;
ease cardboard is 3-4 times lighter than the usual materials. Perfect for fans of permutations;
cost efficient — in comparison with other materials the product is made of cardboard is cheaper, whether it's promotional stand or booth at the exhibition;
durability — my writing-table 3.5 years. In operation, this table is no different from others except for its weight and beauty 
Soon we will launch a collection of new material EVA mass production. Now test it in the office already are models.

I'm sure in the next 5 years we will do FUTUFU known outside of our country and build a worldwide brand.