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Office furniture from cardboard

In recent times it has become convenient to buy office furniture through the Internet. You went to the site, clicked the "Buy" button, and you're sitting at your new office Desk, and enjoy a brand new office shelving. Would not be a miracle buying via the Internet office furniture out of cardboard.
Furniture made of cardboard FUTUFU not require much effort to assemble and do not require the use of tools. In Youtube you will find video instructions "how to assemble your table."
Buying furniture on the Internet saves you time and effort.
If you think that the convenience of your visitors - a reason to buy office sofa, then you can consider a sofa out of cardboard. A new look at office furniture. Ease of product, convenience, and gentleness, while using eco-friendly material. You will save not only your budget, but support the idea of "eco".
If you decide to buy office furniture made of cardboard - in our Catalog you will find different color of tables, chairs and shelving.
Office furniture TM FUTUFU c special design will make your office a healthy environment in which every employee is happy to work.