Working with new material EVA (foamed incorporate the ethylene vinyl acetate polymer (EVA resin)

EVA has a porous structure that is filled with microscopic air bubbles. And this helps not only ease, but also creates excellent insulation.

Important benefits of EVA material – elasticity and elasticity. EVA — soft, is preserved at low temperatures.

The advantages of EVA-polymer:

Security. Soft coating technology EVA has all the necessary certificates, which confirm its absolute harmlessness to human health. EVA odorless, environmentally friendly and very pleasant to the touch.

Hypoallergenic. EVA does not accumulate static electricity, so this coating does not attract dust. EVA material will protect children from the appearance of various allergens.

Comfort. EVA has insulation similar to the indicators of "warm floor". On the items plotted textured notches to prevent slipping. EVA dampens all the noise and perfectly softens the fall, which is very important for young children.

Brilliance. The opportunity to make furniture in the colors.

Mobility. The lightness of the material makes it possible to save on transport.

Durability. Long-term use of furniture from EVA.

The ease of care. Water and moisture is not terrible for products from EVA.